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Xpress Healthcare™ is a Discount Healthcare & Lifestyle programs. Our goal is to provide a top level of service to individuals who are in desperate need to save on healthcare. Xpress Healthcare is a Health Discount Membership program which offers significant savings to all members. Xpress Healthcare™ is the perfect complement to insurance since Xpress Healthcare™ offers savings on many products and services not included in most Healthcare Insurance policies.

Xpress Healthcare   

  • Provides Discount Healthcare & Prescription programs. Our goal is to Provide Great Savings for people who are uninsured, under insured or just need help saving on healthcare costs.
  • Offers 10% to 85% Savings on Products & Services that are Not covered by the Health Insurance.

Discount Programs: 

  • Lifestyle Select (LifeLock, Roadside Assistance, Pet Care, Legal & Cash Back Rewards)
  • Premium Healthcare (Aetna Dental Access®, Rx, Vision, Hearing, Medical Bill Saver & Medical Diabetic Supplies
  • Premium Plus Healthcare (Premium Healthcare + Doctors By Phone, Chiropractor & Labs / Imaging)
  • Xclusive (Premium Plus Healthcare +  Hospital/Doctor Visits & Nurse Line)
  • Discount Prescription Cards (Free Online Discount Rx Cards)                                         

Xclusive Program Highlights:

  • Access to Over 285,000 Healthcare Providers.
  • One of the Largest Doctor Networks in the nation. 
  • Save 10% to 40% at Participating Doctor Offices & Hospitals. 
  • Providers include Primary Care physicians, Dentists, Specialists, Hospitals, and Chiropractors.
  • Unlimited use of Healthcare Discount Programs for Each Member of Your Family.
  • No Age or Health Restrictions. Great Programs for the uninsured, under insured, senior citizens & veterans.


This plan is not insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance. 

This plan does not make payments to the providers of medical services.

The plan member is obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from Healthcare Providers who have contracted with the Discount Plan Organization. This Plan provides discounts with certain Healthcare providers who have agreed to honor our discount programs, accept our membership cards and charge reduced fees set by their affiliated Insurance companies.