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Identity Theft Occurs Every Three Seconds



Criminals Are Working Hard to Steal Your Identity

The Act of Obtaining Personal and/or Financial Information That Belongs to Another Person for the Purpose of Assuming Their Identity in Order to Commit Fraudulent Acts is Known as Identity Theft. The Criminal's Intent is to Steal the Victim's Money and Identity.  The Stolen Identity Can Be Used to Commit Other Fraudulent Acts. There are Cases Where Victims of Identity Theft Have Been Arrested Due to the Criminal Activities Performed by Their Perpetrators.

Identity Theft Can Be Committed in a Number of Ways. Some Thieves Will Simply Sift Through Trash Looking for Bank Account Statements and Credit Card Data That Has Not Been Shredded.  More High-Tech Methods Involve Accessing Corporate Databases to Steal Customer Lists Information.  More Frequently, Criminals Are Now Accessing Data From Personal Computers and Smart Phones via the World Wide Web and Unsecured Wireless Networks. 

Identity Theft Has Grown Exponentially With the Popularity of the Internet.  Applications Such as Key Loggers, Malware, Spyware, and Screen Capture Software are Used Daily to Steal Social Security Numbers, User Names, Passwords, Bank Account Information, Credit Card Numbers, Medical Insurance Information, and Other Critical Personal Information as People Casually Surf the Internet and Perform Online Transactions.

The Number of Malicious Programs Written to Steal Consumer's Information Has Grown Exponentially to Over 130 Million and Counting.

Recent Reports Reiterate That ID Theft is Increasing at an Alarming Rate. More Complaints are Filed With the Federal Trade Commission Than Ever Before.

For the 11th Straight Year, the FTC States that Identity Theft is Their Number One Complaint. It Affects Millions of People and Costs Taxpayers and Businesses Billions of Dollars.  Some Security Analysts Have Even Said That Everyone Should Prepare to Become a Victim at Some Point.

One Major Area of Identity Theft that Affects Most Consumers is Credit Card Theft.  Credit Card Theft Accounts for about 25% of All Identity Related Crimes.

Millions of Credit Card Numbers are Being Stolen and Sold Every Day. A Single Credit Card Number Might Go For $10 to $50.  A No-Limit American Express Card Number Stolen From a Consumer With Good Credit Can Sell for Hundreds of Dollars.  Identity Theft Has Become Big Business.

The Most Successful Identity Thieves Have Learned That It's More Lucrative to Hack Into Businesses, Where They Can Steal Credit Card Numbers by the Thousands or Even Millions. Losses Suffered by the Businesses Can Be Staggering — An Estimated $150 to $250 for Each Stolen Card Number.

Even With These Major Losses, Most Merchants are Content to Clean Up the Damage From an Attack, Rather Than Pay for Better Preventive Measures.

Many Cases of Identity Theft Are Never Reported to the Authorities.  Even More Shocking, the Identity Crimes That Are Reported Are Rarely Investigated. 

Most Local Law Enforcement Simply Lacks the Personnel & Expertise to Investigate the Smaller Individual Cases of Identity Theft. So, What About the FBI?

The FBI is Only Interested in Massive Cases Involving Hundreds of Victims or More.  But There is Some Good News .....


Many Cases of Consumer Based Identity Crimes Can Be Prevented.  Below Are 4 Simple Steps to Help Protect Your Family from Identity Theft.

1) Carefully Check the Accuracy of both Bank and Credit Card Statements.

2) Purchase a Quality Shredder and Shred All Important Documents and Data Before Placing Them in the Trash.

3) Check Your Credit Reports on a Regular Basis. Free Credit Reports are Available at

4) Enroll Your Family In a Quality Identity Theft Prevention Program Like Identity Force.


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