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Ovation Credit Services specializes in Credit Report repair. Founded by attorneys, Ovation offers customizable Credit Repair services to clients with a 100 Percent Customer Service GuaranteeAt  Ovation Credit  Services, We understand that everyone’s Credit report and Financial situation are unique, which is why we offer comprehensive, personalized and proven Credit Repair programs that get results. With our Legal Strategies and Experience, we can Legally remove questionable items from your Credit reports, including Collections, Inaccurate data, Repossessions, Late payments, Charge offs, Excessive inquiries, and Identity Theft related items.

 The Essentials Plan

  •      Only $49/month with $85 for Initial Account Setup Fee.
  •       Free Professional Credit Consultation.
  •      Dispute any items on your  credit reports that You feel are inaccurate, misleading or unverifiable in any way.
  •       An Experienced Case Analyst and Case Advisor will work with you throughout the entire process.
  •       They will serve as your Advocate and personally guide you through the Credit repair process & answer all questions.
  •       Unlimited & Customized Dispute Letters will be sent on your behalf to the three (3) Major Credit Bureaus.
  •      24 Hour Online Access to your case file to check status, customize disputes & update information.
  •       24/7 Online Access to Ovation’s Education Center.

 The Essentials Plus Plan

  • Only $69/month with a $85 Initial Account Setup Fee.
  • In Addition to the Same Standard Features as the Essential Program, the Essential Plus program also includes:
  • Unlimited & Customized Validation Letters sent directly to your creditors.
  • Unlimited & Customized Goodwill Letters sent directly to your creditors.
  •  A Recommendation Letter from an Ovation staff attorney for Potential / Future Lenders.
  •  Credit Monitoring to help prevent Identity Theft.
  •  Debt Management Tool to Assist in Structuring a Plan to Paying off Your Credit Cards and Loans.

Discount Programs  

  •  20%  Discount for Couples.
  • 10%  Discount for Seniors 65 years old and over.
  • 10%  Discount for Active Duty & Retired Veterans.
  • Competitive Upgrade Discount for clients switching from a competitor

Monthly Payment & Initial Work Fee 

  • No payment is due at the time of setting up case files.
  • The Initial Work Fee will not be processed until five (5) days after your case file has been set up.
  • First Monthly Payment is not due until 30 days after your case file is set up and the work is in progress.


    Ovation Has a 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee!  

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